Shimano Torium 30HG

Shimano Torium 30HG
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• A top choice for live bait and bottom fishing
• Corrosion resistant for saltwater use
• Hagane Body eliminates body flexing
• S Compact Body feels a size smaller in the hand
• A-RB® bearings

The compact, rigid and powerful Shimano Torium Star Drag Conventional Reels prove a top choice for live bait, bottom fishing and corrosion-resistant performance in saltwater. At the heart of the reel, the Hagane Body eliminates body flexing and improves impact resistance with high rigidity which transforms your actions directly into cranking power. Compact Body delivers a reel that feels one size smaller in your hand. One-piece sideplate contributes both rigidity and in-the-hand palming comfort. HEG® gear system E.I. eliminates any possibility of salt corrosion thanks to a second layer of surface treatment added to seal micro-sized surface impurities after the anodizing process. Cross Carbon Drag material for high drag pressure settings.

Recommended Paired With: KFHC Rod or OIFC DKF Rod

Part Numbers

022255190909 52753