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Terminal Tackle

Power Pro Braided Line
Original PowerPro braided line casts further, has almost zero stretch, and amazing strength.
OIFC Custom Rig Bag
OIFC Custom Rig Bag is perfect for keeping all of your king rigs neat & organized.
OIFC Custom Rig Bag XL Inserts
Custom OIFC Rig Bag Inserts- XL Fit the OIFC Custom Rig Bag
Mustad 7691DT- 10 Pack
$37.99 - $40.95
The Cadillac of bluewater fishing hooks!!! Mustad Duration hooks are designed to bend and not break, keeping the fish of a lifetime hooked up. 7691 hooks have a slight recurve as well, keeping the hook in the mouth of pelagics as they jump. These hooks are excellent for trolling live bait but work well when stiff rigged with artificials as well. The 10/0 and 11/0 sizes are THE hook to use when chasing blue marlin giant bluefin tuna.
Mustad 7692 DT- 10 Pack
$23.95 - $25.95
The Mustad 7692 DT hook is Capt. Chris' choice for general Gulf Stream fishing. the 7692 is made of thinner wire than the 7691 and features a less pronounced recurve, keeping you hooked up as pelagic speedsters strip line off of your reel. The smaller guages are perfect for dink rigs, and the 9/0 is a great all around size for tuna, dolphin, and sailfish. Horse ballyhoo rig very well on the 10/0 size.
Mustad 7731 AD- 10 Pack
$32.95 - $41.95
The Mustad 7731 AD hook is the best wahoo hook out there. Designed with a straight point and a needle eye, it is meant to be run on single strand wire and leads to a very cleanly rigged ballyhoo. The Duratin material holds a point very well after sharpening. The larger sizes can also be used to rig larger baits like Spanish and Mullet while a 7/0, 7731 AD fits neatly inside a cedar plug.
Momoi Diamond Tournament Cable Top Shot
$27.95 - $44.95
Momoi Top-Shot - 100 yards of 60#,80#,130# OR 200#. Spool your reel with braid for 2/3 of spool and finish up the spool with 100 yards of this top-shot to add some stretch to your setup. Running straight braid to your leader does not offer enough stretch which will lead to pulled hooks. Add this top-shot over braid to improve your big-game outfit.
Eagle Claw L774F Treble Hooks
The "go-to" hook for live and dead bait king mackerel fishing. These hooks are 4X strong steel and have a bronze finish. Wire two or more together to make the standby "stinger" rig or use in conjunction with a single live bait hook. Great hook penetration and holding power in a king's bony mouth. Also a great hook for fishing live shrimp for speckled trout. 50 pack
Billfisher Double Sleeves- 25 pk
$3.25 - $4.50
Crimps used and recommended by Capt. Brant and crew. Billfisher 1.3 Double Sleeves / 25 pack- Used to crimp 100#- 150# fluorocarbon or monofilament leader Billfisher 1.6 Double Sleeves / 25 pack – Used to crimp 200# fluorocarbon or monofilament leader Billfisher 1.9 Double Sleeves / 25 pack – Used to crimp 250# fluorocarbon or monofilament leader Billfisher 2.2 Double Sleeves / 25 pack- Used to crimp 300# fluorocarbon or monofilament leader
Billfisher Double Snap Swivels
Billfisher 135# Double Snap Swivels / 4 pack Billfisher 200# Double Snap Swivels / 3 pack A variety of uses that allow you to connect and disconnect. Often used when planer trolling for Bluefin or in the Gulf Stream or for connecting a bird to a leader.
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