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Kite Gear

Star Deluxe Kite DLXKITE Rod
This Star Deluxe Kite Rod is a great rod for a great price! It measures 3' 7" and contains a 6" EVA foam foregrip plus a 13" PowerButt with Aluminum Gimbal. These are extremely durable rods which can take a lot of abuse associated with the sport of fishing. *May require extra shipping charges due to oversize* Recommended Paired With: Penn 113H2 Reel
SFE Ultimate Fishing Kite
S.F.E. Ultimate Fishing Kite flies in all winds from 5 to 25 MPH with a simple bridle adjustment, eliminating the need for multiple fishing kites. Composite frame. Green or Red. THE ONLY KITE YOU'LL EVER NEED!!
SFE Ultra Lite Kite
This is the best light wind kite on the market today! This kite is capable of flying stronger in lighter wind conditions without the use of a helium balloon.
Penn 113H2 Reel
This Penn 113H2 Reel + the Star DLXKITE Rod or EX7040 Rod = everything you need to effectively kite fish! Spool the combo with 65# braid and add an OIFC Custom kite clip setup and you are ready to go.
DuBro Clip On Kite Release Clip
Kite release clip that is designed to be added onto kite line anywhere, anytime. Simply clip into place and you are ready.
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