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Feature Items

OIFC Anvil OIFC Bonefish Oval
$16.95 - $18.95

Anvil comfy short sleeve t-shirts in a variety of fun colors with the OIFC Bonefish Oval logo. [more]

Leatherman Mackerel Dog Collar

Grey Mackerel on Blue background dog collar by Leatherman. Do you ever get the feeling that your dog is trying to tell you something? They are probably trying to tell you that they want one of these trendy collars! [more]

Shimano Saragosa SW6000

The Shimano Saragosa SW Spinning reels are saltwater reels made to be durable with new "Cam" oscillation system. These reels are water resistant and provide a comfortable drag. These reels are dedicated to the Blue Water angler, and are perfect to tackle the toughest species and conditions with… [more]

Berkley Gulp! 3" Shrimp
$6.25 - $7.25

Built for real, lifelike action. Weighted and designed to fall and swim without tumble or roll. Cast and retrieve or bottom fish - designed to perform for both techniques. 6 shrimp per pack. [more]

Blue Water Candy Jag- 3
$23.95 - $24.95

Bluewater Candy is truly a lure made by fishermen, for fishermen. The JAG head weighs over 3 ounces, which makes baits stay under the water and swim smooth. In addition, the variety of unique and vibrant color with the added flash of mylar make them particularly effective. These heads are hot for… [more]

Blue Water Candy Scooter Lure Head

Most effective for surface feeding fish such as Dolphin and Tuna, the Scooter creates a bubble trail that entices fish to strike. And in the tradition of Bluewater Candy, the Scooter is available in lots of unique colors, most with mylar flash for added attraction. [more]

Blue Water Candy Private Stock

These Kingfish skirts are made with featherweight heads but use a reflective material we call mirage. The mirage like material takes on the colors from around it and shimmers, driving kings crazy! [more]

OIFC Custom Pom Pom Spirit Shirt SS

Boxer Craft OIB spirit tee [more]

OIFC Old Salt
$22.99 - $24.99

This Comfort Colors tee is perfect for any OLD SALT. [more]

OIFC OIFC Bonefish Logo Coral Reef Design
$37.95 - $39.95

Cozy crew neck sweatshirt in fun scuba blue with the coral reef design in the OIFC logo. [more]

OIFC Custom Rig Bag

OIFC Custom Rig Bag is perfect for keeping all of your king rigs neat & organized. [more]

Charles River Pack N Go Pullover

Lightweight hooded outwear in fun colors with OIFC Bonefish logo in coral reef pattern. •100% Softex™ Polyester (2.06 oz./yd2) •Wind & water-resistant, lightweight & breathable •Packs into its own front pouch pocket with zipper closure for easy packing on the go •Extended zipper at the neck for… [more]

Momoi Diamond Tournament Cable Top Shot
$27.95 - $44.95

Momoi Top-Shot - 100 yards of 60#,80#,130# OR 200#. Spool your reel with braid for 2/3 of spool and finish up the spool with 100 yards of this top-shot to add some stretch to your setup. Running straight braid to your leader does not offer enough stretch which will lead to pulled hooks. Add this… [more]

Mustad 7691DT- 10 Pack
$37.99 - $40.95

The Cadillac of bluewater fishing hooks!!! Mustad Duration hooks are designed to bend and not break, keeping the fish of a lifetime hooked up. 7691 hooks have a slight recurve as well, keeping the hook in the mouth of pelagics as they jump. These hooks are excellent for trolling live bait but work… [more]

OIFC Custom Bonefish Ringspun Zip-Up Hoodie

We love this lightweight zip hoodie! Extra soft ringspun cotton and our custom OIFC bonefish logo makes this hoodie one of our favorites. [more]

High Winds Happy Place Whale Seersucker LS T-Shirt
$32.95 - $34.95

This T-shirt is not only super cute but comfy as well! Comfort Colors tees are a must try if you haven't already. [more]

Shimano Stradic 2500 HGFK

The new Stradic FK utilizes Shimano’s latest technology while drawing on ways of the past. Hagane cold forged drive gear gear combined with X-Ship provides a smooth, powerful and durable reel. The sleek G-Free body provides a better weight balance to reduce fatigue. Every part has been designed to… [more]

OIFC Custom OIFC Bonefish Crewneck
$49.95 - $51.95

Comfort Colors crewneck sweatshirts. Comfortable, warm, cozy and fashionable! You'll definitely want to add this to your wardrobe. [more]

OIFC "The Last Great Place" Comfort Colors Tee
$22.99 - $24.99

This is a shirt that every Fisherman can appreciate. Ocean Isle Beach is truly one of the Last Great Places in the world. It's personalize to our area complete with a list of Local fishing spots! [more]

OIFC Cooler Tote Bag

Easy to carry cooler tote bag. It is perfect for keeping bait on the boat or for keeping drinks cold on the beach! [more]

OIFC My Happy Place Dog Tee Shirt
$22.99 - $24.99

Not only are these tees super cute they are also super comfy Comfort Colors! See matching baseball hats! [more]

OIFC Happy Place Whale Flag SS T-Shirt
$22.99 - $24.99

This T-shirt is not only super cute but comfy as well! Comfort Colors tees are a must try if you haven't already. [more]

Sea Striker Contour C1220S70 Inshore Spin Rod

This rod is ideal to be paired with a spinning reel in the 4000 size class with 20-30# line. The 12-20# rating will give you the strength to pull on larger fish such as doormat Flounder or stubborn Redfish Only the best components are used including a cork butt and fore grip and Fuji guides.… [more]

Yeti Lowball 10 Oz

We built the Rambler 10 oz Lowball to be your all-day drinking buddy, from your first cup of joe to your last nightcap. Along the way, the double-wall vacuum insulation will keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold far longer than standard mugs or cocktail glasses. And unlike your… [more]

OIFC American Flag Lure Tee
$16.95 - $18.95

American Flag Lure T-shirt! [more]

Blue Water Candy Roscoe Jig/Rigged
$18.95 - $22.95

4 oz. recommended for depths up to 100', 7 oz. 100-300', 11 oz. 200' +. The Roscoe jig has proven itself as a premier vertical jig. It may not be pretty or fancy, but it will catch more than its fair share of any multitude of species. Glows in the dark. [more]

Berkley Gulp! ALIVE! 3" Shrimp

The latest innovation in soft, scented, inshore baits is Berkley Gulp! ALIVE! These 3" shrimp imitations come in a bucket of Berkley's patented Gulp! formula which saturates the bait with fish attracting scent. You can recharge your baits in the bucket when you're done fishing or they begin to lose… [more]

OIFC Custom NC Flag Crewneck Sweatshirt
$37.95 - $39.95

Warm and fun crewneck sweatshirt with NC flag on back, OIFC logo on front and coordinates on left arm. [more]


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